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S.U.R.E. Record Poolとは

1978年ニューヨーク ブロンクスで創業し、企業理念は現在においても引き継がれています。また楽曲はメジャーレコード会社から公式にプロモーション用として配給された楽曲を提供しています。音楽ダウンロードサービスには会員登録が必要と成ります。






  1. ニューヨークで最も大きなデジタルミュージックプールです。
  2. プロフェッショナルDJ集団のミーティング、意見交換をすることができます。
  3. クラブ、ラジオ、ストリート等におけるプロモーション活動をしています。

SURE RECORD POOL JAPANは、有料会員制宣伝用音楽ダウンロードサイトです。

代表者 CEO : 友松 大祐
CIO : Kazuto Nakazawa
所在地 〒492-8446
電話番号 080-4840-0143

What is S.U.R.E. Record Pool?

S.U.R.E. is a legitimate Digital Internet Music Pool that provides both DJ’s and Labels with quality promotional and marketing service.

S. U. R. E. DIGITAL MUSIC POOL is an instrument of promotion, creating awareness on new and current tunes marketed by domestic and import recording labels to professional DJ’s. Member DJ’s program the tunes at their venues, on radio and mixed cd, assisting the labels in making the music consumers aware of the labels product. The DJ’s is responsible for feedback on each release they received. Plus, submit weekly playlist of current tunes they are programming. All data collected from the membership is complied and released to the labels, radio stations, retail outlets and the music consumers by way of S.U.R.E. E-zine publications.

Established in 1978, SU.R.E. (NYC’s Foremost Digital Music Pool) has gain the respect of the music industry through years of dedication to the advancement of its member DJ’s and product serviced to them. S.U.R.E. is serviced by hundreds of independent, major and underground labels with all style of Urban Music. The labels and thousands of DJ’s have benefited by using the services supplied by S.U.R.E.’s music marketing outlets. The DJ’s receive product to keep their dance floors pack. Record labels receive the security of knowing their product is serviced to the right DJ’s that will supply exposure to the vast markets of music consumers.

S.U.R.E. is referred to by several tags:

  1. NYC’s Foremost Digital Music Pool;
  2. Home Of The Professional DJ’s;
  3. The Musical Force On The Streets & Airwaves;
  4. The Eyes And Ears Of The Record Labels On The Streets Of The Big Apple.

The bottom line: S.U.R.E. is a legitimate Digital Internet Music Pool that provides both DJ’s and Labels with quality promotional and marketing service.

Record Labels and DJ’s can sign up now to start receiving top-level profession services.

Servicing Labels:

The tunes are provided for downloads in the professional 320K MP3 Format. Making the sound quality of S.U.R.E.’s Digital record pool the best service for Professional Disc Jockeys worldwide!

Atch, Atlantic, AV8, B.M. / D.P., Babygrande, Bad Boy, Barak, Black Rain, Blaq Roc, Blo, B-M-F, Branch, Bull Intensity, Capitol, Clout, Columbia, Damon Dash, Def Jam, DM, Double P, Epic, Falani, Free Agency, G Unit, Geffen, H&A, Hawino / Lightyear, Hektik, High Performance, Indiggo Child, Infinity, Interscope, Iron Fist, Itoja, J, Jamar, Jamstone, Jive, KW Ent, Lynx, M.O.B., MIM, Nervous, New Vision, Orpheus, Oyaban, Parana, PCMG, Peak, PowerSource, Pure, Rap-O-Lot, Reel Talk, Reprise, Roc A Fella, Romeo, RSMG, Sanctuary, Shady, So So Def, Soul Cipher, Sow, Spido, Spincyle, Star823, Stay High, Streetlyfe, Tuff Gong, TVT, UBO, Universal, Unseen Lab, UpNorth, Upscale, Utility, Vagabond, Virgin, VP, Warner, White Label (DJ only & Bootleg Remixes), Younger and many more!