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Servicing Labels

Servicing Labels:

本社は、創業が1978年よりニューヨーク ブロンクスにおいて創業し、会社理念は現在においても基本的に引き継がれています。また楽曲はメジャーレコード会社から公式にプロモーション用として配給された楽曲を提供しています。

Insomniac Magazine’s founder, Israel, goes back to visit with an early mentor Bobby E. Davis at the S.U.R.E. Record Pool in the Bronx. Bobby has been responsible for breaking records in New York City since the late 1970s. Throughout the years, members of his pool have become the “who’s who” of the industry. He is also responsible for mixing many dance records since the early ’80s. This late 1990’s footage features Bobby talking about the origins of the pool, some of its impressive early members such as Afrika Bambaataa, and S.U.R.E.’s purpose.

The tunes are provided for downloads in the professional 320K MP3 Format. Making the sound quality of S.U.R.E.’s Digital record pool the best service for Professional Disc Jockeys worldwide!

Atch, Atlantic, AV8, B.M. / D.P., Babygrande, Bad Boy, Barak, Black Rain, Blaq Roc, Blo, B-M-F, Branch, Bull Intensity, Capitol, Clout, Columbia, Damon Dash, Def Jam, DM, Double P, Epic, Falani, Free Agency, G Unit, Geffen, H&A, Hawino / Lightyear, Hektik, High Performance, Indiggo Child, Infinity, Interscope, Iron Fist, Itoja, J, Jamar, Jamstone, Jive, KW Ent, Lynx, M.O.B., MIM, Nervous, New Vision, Orpheus, Oyaban, Parana, PCMG, Peak, PowerSource, Pure, Rap-O-Lot, Reel Talk, Reprise, Roc A Fella, Romeo, RSMG, Sanctuary, Shady, So So Def, Soul Cipher, Sow, Spido, Spincyle, Star823, Stay High, Streetlyfe, Tuff Gong, TVT, UBO, Universal, Unseen Lab, UpNorth, Upscale, Utility, Vagabond, Virgin, VP, Warner, White Label (DJ only & Bootleg Remixes), Younger and many more!